Coastal and maritime tourism is heavily reliant on the health of marine ecosystems, particularly in destinations where marine resources are a primary source of income. The explicit mention of tourism in Target 14.7 recognizes the important role that tourism can play in promoting the conservation and sustainable use of marine resources. This symbiotic relationship between tourism and the ocean places tourism in a unique position to contribute to the achievement of SDG 14 if its potential is harnessed properly. Coastal and maritime tourism can promote the sustainable use of marine resources and balance the economic, social and environmental objectives of coastal and maritime tourism by assessing the capacity of natural and cultural resources, establishing sustainable tourism practices and ensuring that tourism development does not degrade the natural and cultural heritage of the destination. 

 There are five targets within SDG 14 that are deemed to conserve and sustainably use the oceans, seas, and marine resources for for sustainable development. These targets have been selected to base the potential project indicators.