¬†The COVID-19 pandemic has deeply impacted the tourism sector with a spill-over effect of unexpected socioeconomic consequences to many other sectors. The link between tourism and the importance of health and well-being has been highlighted even more during the pandemic as the sector depends on contact-intensive services ‚Äď and restoring consumer confidence has been key to economic recovery of the tourism sector during the whole crisis. Consequently, a destination with clean and hygienic hotels, restaurants and other tourism facilities was in a better position to enhance its attractiveness. At the same time, tax generated from tourism activities as well as visitors‚Äô fees collected in destinations can be reinvested in health care and services, improving maternal health, reducing child mortality and preventing diseases.¬†

There are five targets within SDG 3 that are deemed to have a stronger and direct link for tourism to ensure healthy lives and promote well being for all at all ages. These targets have been selected to base the potential project indicators.