Guaravito – Sustentabilidad y Conservación
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Submited Date : 08/02/2019
Our activities

We are an organization that works for the construction of peace through environmental conservation, decarbonization against climate change and sustainable development focused on ecotourism in Costa Rica.

With communities, organizations, institutions and business, we have developed the Action Campaign for the Sustainable Development Goals.

Our objective is to make sustainable coffee plantations an alternative ecotourism development promoter, in an inclusive, accessible and diverse way, sustainable with the environment, for the benefit of the communities in the region.

Our vision is to develop the region's growth in a sustainable, inclusive, accessible and diverse way, with the joint effort of micro entrepreneurs and communities, coordinated by local and international authorities.

Ecotourism and social innovation alternative services -on an inclusive, accessible and diverse rural circuits, contributes to the Sustainable Development Goals, as new opportunities are generated, it has a direct impact on the social development of the local communities involved.

This project is also based on the World Tourism Organization's Code of Ethics for Tourism, which is a fundamental reference for responsible and sustainable tourism, linked to economic prosperity, job creation and resource growth for environmental protection, this global set of principles were designed to guide tourism development, and is equally aimed to governments, tourism companies, destinations, local communities and responsible tourists for a sustainable tourism industry.

As one of the largest socio-economic sectors in Costa Rica, sustainable tourism can stimulate economic growth, create decent work and entrepreneurial opportunities, and help thousands of people out of poverty and improve their livelihoods.