#GoGreenWeskus Responsible Tourism Outreach 2018
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Submited Date : 10/09/2018
Cape West Coast Responsible Tourism 2017 Video

Weskus Tourism is passionate about promoting Sustainable Living.
Join the 4th Annual #GoGreenWeskus Responsible Tourism Outreach on 30 Oct 2018 at the West Coast Fossil Park. Entry is Free. Please book early to avoid disappointment.
The “Responsible Tourism Outreach” has a vision of promoting sustainable living, as well as the Development of a sustainable Destination.

We feel that we can learn and be inspired, about the development of Cape Town as a sustainable destination, with Environmental, Economic and Social Development.

The Main Focus Areas of the Outreach are:
* Promote Social Wellbeing
* Stimulating the Economy
* Preserving the Environment

We invite tourism products and businesses to share their success stories and give encouragement and advice to SMME's on how to Promote Sustainable Living in the Cape West Coast.

We invite Global Partners to assist us in Best Practices, Rural Development and Small Town Revitalization. Funding Partners to augment our Economic Development Projects would be highly appreciated.