Red Rocks Cultural Festival
Content submitted by Red Rocks Initiatives – Gregory
Submited Date : 20/08/2019

Since its inception, a few years back, the cultural tourism week has brought about positive gains to communities through its focus on bringing Tourism, Conservation and community for a sustainable development. The event brings community, conservation and tourism stakeholders together for sustainable development around the Volcanoes National Park. Through the cultural tourism week communities have a chance to exchange ideas and learn from one another how they can use their talents, culture, and other local tools for development through effective sustainable planning, maximizing social and economic benefits to locals, and reducing tourism’s negative impact to cultural and environmental heritages?

During the event local community members will be happy to share their success stories concerning harnessing tourism as a means of socio-economic and sustainable development. Apart from celebrating viable conservation efforts that the local community has undertaken, attendants will also have the chance to meet different tourism and conservation players from a broad spectrum in the industry who will provide with significant details about the history of ecotourism around the Virunga massif, and the greater need to promote awareness of ecotourism concepts and approaches the government and private institutions have undertaken to encourage growth of ecotourism.

Rwanda is a small country that prides itself in its rich and diversified cultural heritage. Passed from generation to generation, they include customs, practices, places, objects, artistic expressions and values among others, and often expressed as either tangible or intangible cultural heritage.
Our community members will exhibit hands-on experience of how Red Rocks is keeping our cultural heritage alive. There will be a show of how local community benefits from tourism activities together with the ways we can preserve our pristine culture for the benefit of future generation. Visitors will participate in different cultu