Red Rocks Cultural Tourism Week 2018
Content submitted by Red Rocks Initiatives – Gregory
Submited Date : 20/08/2018

31st August – 04th September
Join our exhibition on this date to have a hands-on experience of how Red Rocks is keeping our cultural heritage alive. There will be a show of how local community benefits from tourism activities together with the ways we can preserve our pristine culture for the benefit of future generation. Visitors will participate in different cultural expressions like basket weaving (The AGASEKE), Pottery and the process of making the banana beer (URWAGWA) among others.

Conservation & Community Success Stories

05th September
The local community will be happy to share their success stories concerning harnessing tourism as a means of socio-economic and sustainable development. Apart from celebrating viable conservation efforts that the local community has undertaken, you will also have the chance to meet different tourism and conservation players from a broad spectrum in the industry who will provide you with salient details about the history of ecotourism around the Virunga massif.
Football & Arts for Conservation, plus Crazy Gorilla Night

06th September
Our key mission is to promote art for conservation. Consequently, we have scheduled an event on this date where you’re going to be introduced to conservation-themed art exhibits, live painting demos, and you too are going to actively take part in the demos by doing your own painting and taking it with you home as a souvenir. This is an event you cannot afford to miss. Furthermore, our host of activities will include also a football tournament organized with conservation education in mind.
Kwita Izina

07th September
The Kwita Izina annual event has become a must-attend ceremony. Now in its 14th year, this year’s event promises to sparkle just like it has done before. It has also played a significant role in conservation of the rare mountain gorillas. This year, 23 baby gorillas are to be named. But we have organised a party for you at Red Rocks Rwanda where you will join our local people