Alternative Camp
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Submited Date : 16/01/2019
Alternative Camp

Initiated by Alternative Life Association in 2002, Alternative Camp has been held in different cities in Turkey for 15 years, and since 2014 it is held in the Çukurbağ Village in Kaş/Antalya. It aims to spread the sense of volunteerism, to break social isolation and discrimination and to create an alternative model of holiday-making for the disabled and individuals with different needs.

Alternative Camp organizes sports activities, workshops, cultural events and trips targeting disabled individuals, chronically ill persons, poor young people and volunteers. This project, based on volunteerism at each and every level, acts almost like a school for the disabled and for volunteerism. The project reached 150 institutions, 4,000 disabled people, 700 volunteers, 300 guests and companions so far. Alternative Camp has been awarded the World Young Entrepreneurs Award, the“Golden Love” Award of the Turkish Presidency and the “Special” Award of the Prime Ministry. The program continues to open up new windows in the world of young individuals with or without disability, engaging in projects “for a better world”.

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