Architecture and tourism. Academic participation.
Content submitted by BASA Creativos – Elizabeth Ornelas
Submited Date : 16/07/2019

A project of teaching innovation in the university, Instituto Superior de Arquitectura y Diseño de Chihuahua ISAD (Higher Institute of Architecture and Design of Chihuahua). Through the creation of a new subject that makes the future architect's laboral perspectives bigger by the union of tourism, heritage, and architecture. Looking at the national social and political reality.

Architecture is one of the main subjects for tourism, nevertheless is rare to find interest in tourism inside architecture degree programs. It´s because of that, this project is important and necessary for the development of both knowledge sciences, tourism, and architecture. Always with the sustainable principles present.

--- Background
It is intended primarily to reinforce four competencies derived from the WORLD CONFERENCE ON HIGHER EDUCATION - Higher Education in the Twenty-First Century - Vision and Action. 9 October 1998

1. Interdisciplinarity.
2. Scientific investigation.
3. Specific objectives.
4. Social trends.

Interdisciplinary focus.
Scientific. Method.
Participation in existing programs

Study case: The touristic program Pueblos Mágicos (Magic towns). Architecture, sustainability, and tourism in Chihuahua, Mexico.

The students will analyze the touristic program "Pueblos Mágicos" and make architecture and urbanism projects under sustainable aspects.

1. In order to investigate and have a better knowledge, students and teachers will have trips to magical towns in Chihuahua. So they need schoolarships for transportation and accomodation. 2. It is necessary to have experts in sociology, tourism, antropology, who give lectures to the class, in order to have the best approach to the investigation.