Co2 compensation
Content submitted by Better Places – Anne de Jong
Submited Date : 18/09/2018
Cooking stoves in Ghana

Climate change literally knows no boundaries, it affects every country. Consequences each country increasingly faces are droughts, extreme storms and floods.

Travelling by plane creates prosperity and jobs worldwide, but also produces high levels of CO2 emission. In case of long journeys, the flight to the destinations is the largest part of the total CO2 emissions. The CO2 footprint of transport and stay at the destination is limited, especially if travellers make use of small-scale, sustainable accommodations, eat in local restaurants and do not travel too many kilometers.

Better Places is initiative taker of a group of 13 Dutch tour operators compensating all the CO2 emissions of their travels. Better Places does not only compensate the on-land package clients have booked, but also the emission that is needed for the clients to reach the destination. In order to map these emissions, we make use of a carbon calculator that calculates the exact CO2 emission per travel item. Better Places makes journeys CO2 neutral by investing in (for example) more efficient cookers in Ghana and solar energy in Thailand. We work together with the Swiss South Pole Group that has selected these projects.

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