Corporate Social Responsibility
Content submitted by Hotel Barcelona 1882 – Daniel García
Submited Date : 16/01/2019

Through a local social organization (El Risell), the donation of 2 hours of maintenance work for residents of the neighborhood with few resources is managed. In this way those people generally of old age have access to a person in their house of confidence that can carry out the small repairs that normally would not manage well due to lack of resources or because they are too small for a technician to solve it. :-)

The hotel will have at the breakfast buffet of jams organized by the organization Local entity of El Prat (Barrio de Sant Cosme) that through a social entrepreneurship provides employment coverage to people at risk of social exclusion.

We organize solidarity vermuts in which the hotel offers space and vermouth with tapas for 100 people. The full collection of the tickets sold goes to the social organization gracia solidaria that brings together 17 solidarity and voluntary organizations that work to get the basic services of education, health and social assistance to those who can not have them. Https://

The hotel is on the access road to 2 neighborhood schools. The hotel has been assigned as a member of the school path of these two schools. This means that children at a given time can enter the hotel and request help if necessary. The advantage of a hotel is that we are open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Whenever we have material, leftover foods or cleaning the forgotten clients, we contact local entities such as the Bank of Resources, The Bank of Foods, or the La Nau organization for the donation of these items and they distribute to local social entities or direct users.


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