Dreams Academy
Content submitted by Alternative Camp – ercan tutal
Submited Date : 25/03/2019

Dreams Academy is an Alternative art initiative which provides equal chance, opportunities and safe space to people with special needs with an inclusive approach..
Based on social entrepreneurial principals, self sustainable, not for profit but having social enterprises,
less staff more volunteers,both local and international,
partnering with UNDP and other global institutions ,
following the principals of Global Compact Principals, UN Convention for Rights of PWD, Millenium Goals and recently HeForShe and SDGs,
member of ENAT and Pountau ( European Network of Accessible Tourism ),
promoting accessible and social tourism every year during REHACARE in Germany,
following the Events of UNWTO,
Partnering with DfA ( Design for All Foundaition / Barcelona), IB-BehindertenHilfe in Germany,

Funds for cultur and music festival with international participation, partners, volunteers, Social Impact Investors, donations, know-how exchange