evway Travel Network
Content submitted by Route220 Srl – Franco Barbieri
Submited Date : 29/05/2020
evway App - Indication of touristic facilities with special markers for product category

Route220 is the leading provider of charging services in Italy, serving more than 10.000 EV-Users all over Europe. The initiative was created in order to gather all the hospitality services - sleeping, eating, shopping and cultural locations - that offer EV charging solutions for their guests - visitors; therefore Route220 created "evway Travel Network”: with evway Travel Network the charging pauses become opportunities to discovery the territory.

evway Travel Network is a touristic portal dedicated to EV-Drivers where they can find hospitality facilities and tourist attractions that offer charging service. The aim is to improve the experience of the charging session and to promote the businesses that believe in sustainable mobility.

The front-end device to enable mapping, charging and paying the charging services is called EVWAY and it's offered free of charge in iOS and Android and enables charging an electric vehicle all over Europe in more than 150.000 charging spots. The App also shows EV-Driver the points of interest near the charging station - museums, tourist attractions... -, allowing him to take advantage of his charging stop to discover what the territory has to offer. Within the App, the users can easily identify all the hospitality partners that adhere to the mission of the network: promote a sustainable way to travel in Europe. The App, in fact, indicates - with special markers for product category - the facilities that have a charging station - hotel, restaurant, museum, shopping center.

The EV-Traveller can find ad-hoc pre-defined itineraries to discover the opportunities and beauties of territories in Europe, in alliance with local providers of sustainable events or experiences such as sailing tour, farm-to-fork shops, rental of electric boats, ebikes and cars.

evway and the evway Travel Network are the first real tool to support and enable both the electric mobility and the discovery and promotion of sustainable tourism.