Halt Poverty supporting sustainable tourism
Content submitted by Halt Poverty – Mirana Francoise
Submited Date : 27/07/2018
Halt Poverty Madagascar

Halt Poverty was launched as a project in 2015 in response to the needs to empower human capital in tourism-based activities.

Based in Madagascar. Halt Poverty is now officially registered as a social venture that support local communities with sustainable tourism initiatives. Our actions encourage sustainable tourism experience in Madagascar including relieving pressure on overcrowded tourist areas. Inappropriate actions can be damaging to the destination. Tourism has direct linkages with other businesses. It has a broad resource from which many new businesses may emerge. Economic survival and from tourism demand communication and education as prerequisites.


Our mission is to break the cycle of poverty with sustainable tourism-based activities. This year, we operate through three projects. With Tongasoa Project. You as our guests can travel and connect with Malagasy people as a tourist. With Mahasoa Project. You as our guests can travel, pick an activity as a volunteer. With Lovasoa Project. You as our guests can travel and conduct research