Henan Observatory
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Submited Date : 27/08/2019

The Henan Observatory is focusing on two cities within the Henan province, namely Luoyang and Jiaozuo. The province is situated in the central-eastern part of China on the middle and lower reaches of the Yellow River. It is one of the main birthplaces of Chinese Nation and Chinese Civilization, where cultural sites and natural landscapes coexist harmoniously. Overall, there are 4 ancient capitals within the province. Luoyang, capital during multiple dynasties, is home to Baima Si (White Horse Temple). Founded in the 1st century, it's among China’s first Buddhist temples. Nearby, the Longmen Grottoes have Buddhist rock carvings dating to the 5th century. Due to these attractions, tourism has become a core sector of Henan’s economy. The observatory's monitoring efforts include research regarding the socio-economic and environmental aspects of tourism development as well as the protection of historical relic and the tourism development around these sites.