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Submited Date : 02/11/2020
Founder Members of #IoResto, Crotone, Italy.

A city that is not good for its citizens is not good for tourists. The non-profit organization #IoResto (#IRemain) was founded by Giovanni Pitingolo together with other citizens of Crotone (Italy) as a response to the alarming increase in the local phenomenon of migration. Crotone is indeed a city with a massive tourist potential, exceptionally rich in tangible and intangible cultural heritage as well as quite unique natural resources (e.g. the Marine protected area under the Barcelona Convention - Specially Protected Area – and the Geosite of Vrica, practically unique in its kind all over the world), but at the same time is heavily affected by socio-economic problems such as unemployment, marginalization and security, among others.

In this context, the organization #IoResto aims to make the city and the surrounding human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable. By doing so, #IoResto contributes to the improvement of the citizens’ quality of life, and prepares the destination for a more satisfactory and sustainable tourist experience. The approach adopted by #IoResto is particularly innovative as it is based on public participation, promotion of the civic sense and sense of belonging, and finally the stimulation of a bottom-up action toward the sustainable development of Crotone both as a city were to live and as a tourist destination.

Among the projects already developed by #IoResto it is worth to mention the "Intimate Diary of a Territory: a school to stay", an itinerant “school” to promote and to bring back to life the villages surrounding the city that are suffering for a strong phenomenon of depopulation. To reach the goal, workshops are realized to preserve and promote the landscape, tangible and intangible cultural heritage, and to put children and young people in contact with traditional activities and by doing so promoting the intergenerational dialogue and facilitating e the transmission of traditional knowhow and wisdom.

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As a non-profit and non-government-funded organization, #IoResto is open to establish partnerships with supporters and other organizations worldwide, in order to improve its effectiveness to creating a better quality of life for citizens, the first and most important ambassadors of a tourist destination.