Japan Urushi Forestry + Kintsugi Workshop – A Drop of Lacquer is a Drop of Life
Content submitted by Taketombo Corp – Mikki
Submited Date : 11/03/2024
Currently less than 15 urushi foresters are working to maintain about 5000 trees in the region. Using traditional method with mostly hand-tools. It takes 10 years for a tree to yield 250cc of urushi lacquer. Independent artisans are paid by the volume each collects during summer harvest season.

In the serene heart of Japan, where tradition meets nature's beauty, we unveil a remarkable opportunity that celebrates the artistry of kintsugi and urushi lacquer forestry. After a year of dedicated effort and collaboration with the rural town of Daigo, we announce our first annual Japan travel experience workshop: Experience Urushi Forestry + Kintsugi, scheduled from December 6th to 9th, 2023, amidst the Urushi forest of Daigo, Japan.

Venture beyond the often-trodden route of Tokyo and Kyoto. While dubbed 'golden' by some, it comes with significant downsides. It's not so good when Mount Fuji is becoming "Like Disneyland!" (CNN Travel Report "Mount Fuji in trouble: How Japan’s highest peak fell victim to overtourism" 9/10/2023)
At Taketombo and Goenne.com, our mission has always been to venture beyond the bustling streets of Tokyo and the historic temples of Kyoto. We aim to address the challenges posed by over-tourism and foster greater interest and economic vitality in Japan's equally significant rural towns.

Hidden away, Daigo lies in Ibaraki Prefecture, just 100 miles north of Tokyo. Here, a close-knit community of lacquer foresters tirelessly preserves a trade of utmost importance: the cultivation of home-grown urushi lacquer, a resource that fulfills only 3% of the industry's demand. (Read our webpage* Restart from 3%") This labor-intensive, low-yield process has been abandoned by newer generations, yet a dedicated group of artisans remains resolute in protecting their agricultural wisdom and skills, ensuring the production of exceptionally high-quality urushi lacquer, a symbol of Japan's pride.
Our goal is to bring their remarkable work to the world stage, unveiling the untold stories and under-appreciated craftsmanship that reside in the heart of Daigo. And bring new economic activities to this small community in need to sustain their craft legacy. Travel to support this small community of urushi foresters.