Linking travel marketing to the local economy
Content submitted by Choose Honduras (Honduras Turismo y Marketing S.A.) – Gustavo Ustariz
Submited Date : 12/02/2019
Older Rodriguez, a local birding guide and artist, paints bird-themed keychains for giveaways at the American Birding Expo

Honduras Turismo y Marketing S.A. (HT&M), is a Honduran based travel marketing company working with local entrepreneurs and organized community groups in designing and marketing multi-day trip itineraries. showcasing the cultural and natural diversity of Honduras. Currently it markets the trips under two brands: Choose Honduras and Visit Honduras Coffee. As part of its marketing strategy, the company attends networking events, industry trade shows and travel shows in North America and Europe. Instead of purchasing the typical giveaways, HT&M purchases locally made products, bought directly from the artisans, to use as promos and giveaway items during events. For bird-watching shows, bird inspired key-chains are purchased from Artesanos y Guias El Pino, a grassroots organization that supports bird conservancy efforts, trains local guides, and provides free art classes to local kids. Located in the community of El Pino, Atlantida, Honduras. For other travel shows a document zippered pouch was designed by a local artist from La Ceiba, Honduras. The pouches are sewn by local seamstresses, and hand-painted with "Honduran travel themes" by local artist Ele from Cre@tive Enterprise. The result is that local artisans benefit from the tourism value chain even at the marketing and promotion stage. For potential travelers the giveaway has more meaning, as it is handmade, and this can create a positive emotional connection with the destination, even before the trip.