Overtourism Solution
Content submitted by Venezia Autentica – Valeria
Submited Date : 25/02/2020

Overtourism Solution is the new initiative with which the co-founders of Venezia Autentica (veneziaautentica.com) are looking to transfer their unique, on the ground experience, to more destinations around the world.

Venezia Autentica (VA) is a localized social enterprise using digital technologies, communication, and social innovation to increase both the satisfaction of visitors and the retention of tourism revenue in Venice and make tourism beneficial for residents, visitors and the destination. The work of VA has been highlighted by features in media such as CNN, Forbes and Conde Nast Traveler, participation as speakers at prestigious international conferences and by awards competition. In the past few years, it is estimated that VA contributed over 3 million euros to 150 local businesses in Venice and that its content reached over 40 million users.

By working with government, institutions, corporations, schools, organizations and any kind of individual and entities looking to see tourism become a force for good, Overtourism Solution seeks to help transform the tourism industry as a whole.

Today Overtourism Solution is a pioneer, a rare initiative, proposing concrete solutions to an overgrowing problem: the negative impact of tourism.

Frequently commenting on media, or advocating for change at events or directly to governments, Overtourism Solution is the ideal partner for governments, tourism boards, and associations who are looking to increase the satisfaction of visitors while making sure that tourism benefit the local community and destination.

We are looking for sponsorship, funding, and partners. If you are interested in transforming tourism in a driver of sustainable development, please, feel free to reach out!