Pro-Women – Upskilling Itineraries Up-skilling Itineraries for Women as New Cultural Promoters to Enhance Territorial Heritage
Content submitted by Center for Social Innovation – Anastasia
Submited Date : 21/12/2020

Pro-Women – Up-skilling Itineraries for Women as New Cultural Promoters to Enhance Territorial Heritage is an Erasmus+ KA2 project that wants to promote equal opportunities and social-labour inclusion of the low-skilled and unemployed women by providing intervention tools for training and empowerment. The target group will undertake a participative learning path to strengthen their competences and acquire new ones, with the final aim of supporting their employability in the Tourism sector. The project challenge is to operate in sustainable tourism. Therefore, this sector must increasingly be approached with a view of enhancing the cultural and environmental heritage, namely the legacy which includes tangible and intangible culture, as well as natural heritage (landscapes, biodiversity, etc.).

- To valorise innovative methodological approaches aimed at women empowerment.
- To facilitate low-skilled and unemployed women’s access to training, employment, and entrepreneurship by empowering them.
- To boost cultural growth, enhancement of cultural heritages, social inclusion, and cohesion processes involving local communities.
- To promote entrepreneurship among the target group as a way of improving its social and labour situation.
- To provide professionals and educators working with women with efficient tools as a Learning Package and Handbooks aimed at supporting target groups’ social and labour integration.

The partners involved in Pro-Women project are:
- Cooperativa Sociale San Saturnino Onlus - Italy (coordinator)
- Obiettivo Famiglia / Federcasalinghe - Italy
- Center for Social Innovation CSI - Cyprus
- WISAMAR - Germany
- Ayuntamiento de Torrijos - Spain
- AFORMAC - France