Red Rocks initiatives for Sustainable Development and Red Rocks Rwanda
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Submited Date : 26/04/2022
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RED ROCKS INITIATIVES FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT  runs a  Conservation and Community-based Ecotourism, it came to existence after the idea which came from RED ROCKS RWANDA, an Ecotourism company and a social enterprise is all about the community, the wildlife, tourism & travel thus promoting sustainable tourism through community and cultural programs. We bring under-served communities into the tourism supply chain and supports community development projects that help people help themselves through our initiatives. (

We support sustainable development in Rwanda by engaging in sustainable tourism and community-driven environmental conservation initiatives that are meant to benefit local communities. Our initiatives were initiated on the principle that sustainable tourism and community-driven environmental conservation are effective tools for poverty eradication when done correctly and in an inclusive manner.

Through our works, we have launched many projects, which are helping the local community get access to education, health care, and sustainable income that honors their traditional way of life. We created a respectful environment where the local community feels comfortable with tourists and work to position conservation as a competitive land use that delivers benefits to local communities, creates jobs, stimulates local micro-enterprise development, promotes local procurement, develops skills and knowledge, and ultimately improves livelihoods within the Volcanoes National Park.

Our Sustainable development project initiatives success stories and Impacts includes:


 We have worked with community partners and cooperatives to host farm tours and farm activities, like planting indigenous fruit trees and learning about domestic farm animals and horticulture


We promote local artisans to preserve the volcanoes National park flora and fauna, through artifacts for  animals  and plants that can’t speak for themselves.


Supporting small-scale dairy activities, to improve livestock nutrition, facilitate healthcare for women-headed families and discourage them from poaching for meat in the park.


We enable Women to learn skills which enable them earn income earned from selling woven baskets, mats, and other artisanal pieces.


We train local farmers to compost manure, maintain ecologic organic agriculture practices to conserve biodiversity as well as create into them the culture of financial savings for sustainable development.


Our gardens preserve traditional plant species with medicinal value, to conserve disappearing tree spices.


We promote educational opportunities, including volunteer-led English programs and computer literacy, as a way to expand local youths’ resources and broaden their horizons.


We bring together communities and individuals to discuss environmental conservation, raising local awareness of the need to protect our environment through sports


We teach locals on healthcare issues ranging from clean water and reproductive rights and nutrition.

We promote awareness of sexual and reproductive health rights, family planning, nutrition, and proper hygiene and sanitation through our Community healthcare project


We help single mothers and other vulnerable populations to secure permanent housing and facilitate long-term education for school-aged children and help pair vulnerable children with windowed mothers as foster families in newly constructed homes.


Partnered with government institutions and signed partnership agreement to preserve Community cultural heritages/sights for travel and tourism attraction and organizing and conducting annual Cultural Harvest Season festivals as preservation of culture and heritage, with the overall goal of increasing public awareness of nations cultural and natural heritage.


This is a community-based literature art program initiative that includes cinema. music. theater poetry, drama, storytelling, sewing, and school children's library, all meant to improve community livelihood around the Volcano Massif. Please come and visit these community livelihood initiatives projects with any support in kinds like Scholastic Materials for School Children, Visual Art Paints, Music Recording Materials, and Sewing Materials. Travel with the purpose to this wonderful place and donate any item in kind to support these Red Rocks community livelihood project initiatives.