Red Rocks message of protecting environment through Arts
Content submitted by Red Rocks Initiatives – Gregory
Submited Date : 13/10/2022
Youth participating on arts classes

Art for Conservation is an initiative of Red rocks that is meant to empower the kids in conservation through art, as they develop skills in arts in addition to their school educational studies, thus supporting wildlife and habitat conservation and environmental education through arts that celebrates flora and fauna.

We use Arts for Conservation project to spread the message of protecting the environment, through using sustainable materials, such as banana bark, to create footballs or learning the importance of protecting and maintaining habitats whilst painting nature. Through this art the kids are able to sell their painting, and buy school materials that will help them through their studies. Tourism and Conservation is proving to be the based source of income if it’s well maintained, and taught in different ways, let it be through skills and academia, it’s in that contest that we took the first step use Art of conservation, in order to achieve our goal .