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Rwanda forests and woodlands can be classified into four categories, including the natural forests of the Congo Nile Ridge comprised with Nyungwe National Park Gishwati, and Mukura ; the natural forests of the Volcano National Park , the natural forests in savannah and gallery‐forest of the Akagera National Park.
Most of the plant species found in these forests are used in traditional medicine and some plants reveal important biochemical extracts. With more than 104 flower species, wetlands and aquatic ecosystems are also rich in biodiversity.
Red Rocks Initiatives supports a local Women Association called IGIHOHO PROJECT Cooperative which promotes sustainable forest management, balancing social, environmental and economic concerns to meet today’s requirements. We launched the project to support the conservation of endangered tree species around the volcanoes national park. The project will contribute towards the aims of the United Nations sustainable development goal number thirteen – to take urgent action to combat climate change and its impact.

Collaboration with international organizations to make our vision of planting tree in whole of Rwanda