Reduce use of plastic bags
Content submitted by Choose Honduras (Honduras Turismo y Marketing S.A.) – Gustavo Ustariz
Submited Date : 27/07/2018
hand-painted reusable shopping bags to reduce the consumption of plastic bags

The Choose Honduras team is fully committed to sustainable tourism practices. Since 2003 we’ve worked closely with many of the regions of Honduras we operate in, with an eye toward helping the host communities and inhabitants become active participants in the travel industry and not just spectators.  We believe that responsible travel must be beneficial to everyone involved; the travelers, the local service providers, the host communities, and the natural environment where it takes place.  When local people benefit from tourism and participate in its value chain, they become committed; and local commitment helps maintain the cultural experiences truly authentic and helps protect the natural landscapes.

As an initiative to support responsible and sustainable tourism, Choose Honduras is providing travelers with reusable shopping bags that are crafted and hand painted by local artisans, with the aime of reducing the consumption of plastic bags.