Solar electrification of trans himalayan homes
Content submitted by Offbeat Tracks – VANDANA
Submited Date : 21/08/2018
A warm traditional welcome by the local Ladakhi community

Offbeat Tracks is an experiential travel company that promotes experiential and sustainable travel across India. We work with rural communities to encourage homestay based experiential travel with a focus on rural micro entrepreneurship and skill development.
All our projects are set out to promote sustainable and responsible travel in alignment with the Sustainable Developmental Goals set out by the UN.
" Think global and act local" is the motto that we strive towards.

Tourism is one of the largest revenue generators all over the world and we at Offbeat Track's aim to promote sustainable development across the Himalaya's via tourism. Keeping that in mind we have identified 3 SDG's as mandated by the UN that we would adopt in all our travel related experiences. These are as follows:
Affordable and clean energy (Goal 7)
Decent work and economic growth (Goal 8)
Responsible consumption and production (Goal 12)

Affordable and clean energy: The Trans Himalayas (Ladakh and Zanskar) are an arid, high altitude region with a lot of settlements having limited or zero access to electricity. People living in these regions traditionally depend on Kerosene and firewood as sources of light and energy. These traditional sources of energy have adverse effects on the health of the community leaving the young and elderly extremely vulnerable to Carbon monoxide poisoning.
These regions are essentially high altitude cold deserts with nearly 300 days of abundant sunshine. Keeping this vital asset in mind, we realised that Solar energy harnessing units would be an ideal clean energy solution to people of this region.
Vision: We have envisioned solar powering 1000 homes in the Trans Himalayas over the next five years. We plan to use tourism as a tool via which we can bring clean energy access to rural and nomadic communities living across the Trans Himalayas. Our first expedition last year had the team successfully solar electrify 10 rural homes in Ladakh that were off the grid.

We are looking to partner with organisations around the globe to help us spread the message of responsible sustainable travel via which we can bring about development amongst the marginalised Himalayan communities. We would partnerships in the following spaces: 1. Funding 2. Increased global awareness for our programmes via which we can have participants come for our expeditions