VISTA Destination Network Open Platform and Ecosystem
Content submitted by Rainmaker Digital CC – Thomas
Submited Date : 08/02/2019

It is rainmaker’s passion to democratize world class technology to enable small, medium independent lodging and tour operator businesses in a destination to become more efficient and compete with global giants. We create competitive advantages and more efficiency for destinations and its hospitality and tourism businesses in Africa, keeping more tourism spend in the destination and thus, add more to the GDP and help against poverty, improve education and drive entrepreneurship in the destination, aligned to the Tourism Sustainability Goals.

Our Award Winning 5 Stages of Success holistic methodology, enabled by the VISTA Destination Network Open Platform and ECO-System and powered by the Google Cloud Platform is time tested and proven. In less than two years, we created extraordinary results for more than 200 customers. For this, rainmaker and its team has won the HSMAI Adrian Gold Award for its business impact out of 1100 global applications from all over the world. We have been awarded with the Innovators Award from World Tourism Forum Luzern.

The VISTA Destination Network Open Platform and ECO-System for Destinations, its DMO's, Associations and local in-destination businesses creates competitive advantages by connecting all stakeholders seamlessly together in terms of rich content and business transactions. We enable the destination to provide instant gratification to the consumer and change the way destinations control their visibility and distribution, winning back from the global giants.

The rainmaker founders combine more than 50 years of experience in the hotel, tourism, sales and marketing fields, 36 years of experience in the IT, software development and systems integration fields, enhanced by more than 16 years of digital marketing expertise.

We have successfully started and grown our business with the 5 Stages of Success and the VISTA Destination Network in Namibia with more than 200 customers, a positive cash flow since Q2/2016 and a growing recurring revenue. We are now in the stage to grow our company and its products and services into other African destinations. We are looking for local partners in the respective African destinations, NGOs who might want to become involved in a certain destination or funding partners assisting.