Yukon Tourism Development Strategy
Content submitted by Department of Tourism & Culture – Sarah Marsh
Submited Date : 16/09/2020
Yukon Tourism Development Strategy. Sustainable Tourism. Our Path. Our Future. 2018-2028

The Yukon Tourism Development Strategy is guided by the core values expressed by Yukoners and lays out a ten-year vision for tourism to be a vibrant, sustainable component of Yukon’s economy and society for the benefit of future generations. It also includes goals that balance economic, environmental and social priorities, and is supported by strategic actions to bring the vision to life.

The strategy is the culmination of a fourteen-month process to develop a long-term vision for sustainably growing tourism in the territory. Guided by a steering committee of industry experts, the strategy was developed based on best practices around the globe and comprehensive engagement with tourism industry stakeholders, Yukon First Nations, municipalities, the arts and culture community and the public.

This ten-year adaptive strategy lays out the goals, values and strategic actions to realize a tourism vision for the Yukon, developed by Yukoners. To become a leading sustainable tourism destination, we must foster the conditions for a thriving tourism economy, develop tourism in a manner that balances economic, social and environmental values, and bolster support for the industry by aligning our collective efforts with the core values of Yukoners. Four connected pillars outline the strategic actions that will be developed and implemented to bring this vision to life. While each goal, value and pillar is important in and of itself, the strength of this strategy and the success by which it is measured, stems from the need to ensure they are interconnected and pursued in balance.

Our vision is for tourism to be a sustainable, vibrant component of the Yukon’s economy and society for the benefit of future generations.

Our goals are to have a thriving tourism economy; to develop tourism sustainably; and to have resident support for tourism.

Implementation of the strategy and it's action plans began in 2019 and is ongoing.