Cultural Tourism uplifting the local economy
Content submitted by Red Rocks Initiatives – Gregory
Submited Date : 07/09/2021
Artists making artworks to sell to tourists

Local experiences are an upcoming trend when it comes to traveling. Local customs and traditions become more important to travelers. They want to immerse themselves in the country’s culture. More people are leaving all-inclusive resorts and are shifting towards real experiences with locals. It is interesting for these people to go off the beaten path and focus on CBT activities. Travelers nowadays want to feel and understand the destination. It has changed people’s perspectives on how they travel around. They do not just want to visit tourist spots anymore. ‘Off the beaten path and recommendations from locals’ were in the top five when it comes to value and exploration. These two aspects are highly considered when people are planning a trip. It also illustrated that ‘museums, historical sites, arts, and culture’ are one of the top five inspirations for travelers.