Yoron, Kagoshima Prefecture: Promotion of Sustainable Astro-tourism
Content submitted by Asia-Pacific Tourism Exchange Center (APTEC) – Asia-Pacific Tourism Exchange Center
Submited Date : 30/10/2023

Yoron Island is located around the latitude said to be the northern limit for seeing the Southern Cross constellation. Because it has a good environment for observing the night sky, the town authorities have been promoting astro-tourism (i.e., stargazing) as a new tourism product.

This approach was initially undertaken through a partnership between Yoron Town and the Wakayama University Faculty of Tourism (the two signed a comprehensive partnership agreement on tourism promotion in September 2019).

In addition, because astro-tourism is attracting attention as a type of tourism product that contributes to sustainable development of destinations, the town is acting based on the following principles of such development.
- Tourism destination development with an equitable distribution of socioeconomic benefit to all stakeholders (training of stargazing guides)
- Tourism destination development with consideration for the natural ecosystem (environmental improvement for better stargazing and measures to prevent light pollution)
- Tourism destination development that respects the society and culture of the host community (communication and use of the astro-culture through astro-tourism)