What can you do?
  • Encourage and support governments to adopt policies for paying equal remuneration, including benefits, for work of equal value and strive to pay a living wage to all women and men.
  • Encourage incentives for integrating renewable energy into employee benefits packages, subsidizing the capital expenditures associated with residential solar or electric vehicle investments.
  • Support policy makers and encouraging partnerships to shape better policies to realize the 2030 Agenda for people, planet, prosperity and peace.
  • Help reform the private sector finance investment strategies to support integrated and sustainable urban development like sustainable urban transport, low-carbon buildings, and resilient infrastructure.
  • Commit to and implement conflict-sensitive, lawful and transparent operational policies and practices, including on human resources, public and corporate procurement, and in the value chain more generally.
  • Enhance international financial support for implementing effective and targeted capacity-building in developing countries to support national plans to implement all the sustainable development goals.