TOURISM AND TECHNOLOGY SUMMIT 2020. THEME>>>THE FUTURE FOR TRAVEL AND TOURISM IN AFRICA BIOMETRICS>>> ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE>>>DATA Brandworld Media in partnership with Technology Mirror is proud to present the 2nd edition of the TOURISM AND TECHNOLOGY SUMMIT with the theme THE FUTURE FOR TRAVEL AND TOURISM IN AFRICA.>>>BIOMETRICS . ARTIFICIAL INTELLIGENCE . BIG DATA. The future of travel is technology-based, so tourism jobs will require both technical and advanced soft skills used to effectively implement and manage smart initiatives. The greatest societal impact of digital transformation in tourism may be the effect on the sector’s workforce, which directly and indirectly represents 1 in every 10 jobs worldwide. Like in other economic sectors, intelligent automation will change the nature of some travel jobs and eradicate others altogether. However, digitally-enabled growth will also generate new employment opportunities that could outpace the automation of existing roles, especially as strong growth is forecast for the sector. Tourism and Technology Summit is a project driven by a vision to disrupt the Tourism industry in Africa through Technology.It works with the public & private sector to drive the growth & development of the industry through: • Emerging technology driven by innovations • Sector inspiring policies that enhance growth & development • Thoughtful stakeholders’ engagement. • The exposure of players to knowledge on global best practices that engender quality services. Under SDGS 17 PARTNERSHIPS FOR THE GOALS, the summit aims to focus on how Technology can deliver smart solutions to enable and grow the Tourism industry in Africa.
Tourism and Technology Summit 2019
The future of Tourism is Digital.With the arrival of disruptive brands like AirBnB,Uber,Amadeus, etc.The Tourism landscape globally has changed irrevocably. The Tourism ecosystem in Africa is evolving rapidly and now is the right time to connect and attract the best brains using technology as a launch pad to change the narratives. There are new intersections for African narratives and opportunities in Afrotourism. Technology is an open avenue which creatives can explore to build businesses and create opportunities for prosperity around them. Africa has huge potentials for Tourism through their youthful population but is still struggling with an uncharted and uncoordinated roadmap to achieve huge windfalls from that sector. Experts have advised on how to reconstruct the Tourism ecosystem in Africa through Technology by identifying challenges and opportunities. Emerging Startups and an SME Ecosystem could just be the trigger needed for the role in redefining Tourism in Africa as a whole. Our role at TOURISM AND TECHNOLOGY SUMMIT is to develop a hub for this emerging innovations and provide a platform to showcase these innovations to the world and by extension invite venture capitalists and equity investors to have a buy in into some of these innovations. The primary aim for this community would be to engender solutions to numerous problems facing the tourism sector in Africa and how it can be easier to deploy technology to solve these problems. The ONE day Summit will create the platform for experts in Information and Communication Technology (ICT) industry to exchange ideas with their counterparts in the Tourism/Travel industry on how to drive it with contemporary technologies, with the goal of growing the industry, increasing quality, yielding a higher returns on investment to investors in the industry and creating business opportunities for the ICT/Telecoms industries.