Colombia + Competitiva – Strengthening the Competitiveness of the Private Sector
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Submited Date : 25/03/2021

The Programme aims to support Colombia in its systematic efforts to improve the competitiveness of its private sector in the framework of the National System of Competitiveness, Science, Technology and Innovation and its Productive Development Policy. "Colombia + Competitiva" follows a programmatic and systemic approach with clear ownership of the national and subnational entities and a significant contribution to their alignment and orientation towards common objectives. Currently the government is developing an overarching Productive Development Policy that defines the country’s competitiveness objectives, such as increase in productivity growth, exports, investments and numbers of innovative firms. The main objective is to support the country in achieving sustainable growth, and to reduce poverty and inequalities among its population. One focus lies on improving competitiveness of sectors with potential to create productive and decent employment.

The programme supports a portfolio of projects in four sectors – tourism, cocoa, cosmetics/natural ingredients and sustainable construction building upon previous project experiences in the domain of private sector development and trade promotion as well as close consultation with Colombian partners.