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Submited Date : 05/08/2021
Experience Travel 4 SDGs with Earth Changers: Positive Impact Tourism for Conservation, Community, Culture & Climate

Earth Changers promote the best positive impact, regenerative, sustainable tourism for people to find & book trips that truly change the world.
We feature life-changing places, with world-changing people, for extraordinary experiences with purpose.

Launched in 2017, we were authorised by the UNWTO as a solution for sustainable tourism for development for the UN designated year #2017.

As far as we know, we were the first commercial organisation to write about the intersection of tourism and the SDGs.

In 2019 we won Travelmole's Best Responsible Travel and Tourism website and were invited to be an Ambassador for the UK Government DEFRA environment's department's Year of Green Action. Other recognition includes awards for social enterprise, content and regular speaking engagements and inclusion in media such as the BBC, Forbes and Conde Nast.

Purpose: We start with the Why? Impact-led deep content to connect with motivations and educate minds. Why people do what they do in the places they do it? Learn about the reasons for their drive and the impact on communities, conservation and big world issues, and how tourism intersects with each of the SDGs,

People: We put people in the middle - the human stories behind amazing places. How did they come to do what they do, why, and what impact does it have on lives? Be inspired by stories of unsung heroes.

Places: We discern and feature seriously sustainable special places implementing best practice from around the world. - Where can you go and what can you do to create positive impacts through tourism for sustainable development? We inspire to experience.

Blog: We talk about sustainable tourism: what it is, how to break it down, what to consider. Follow along!

On a B2B basis, we also offer sustainable tourism & marketing consultancy, and a 17 week course on aligning Travel & The SDGs.

Destination accommodations and tour companies - who must have impact reports. DMO partners - to sponsor destinations NGO partners - to sponsor Purpose content. Overall: Funding (for Earth Changers). Groups/Corporates: looking for the most sustainable venues Speaking engagements, guest lectures.