Content submitted by Flockeo (Murmuration sas) – Abbassi Ghislaine
Submited Date : 28/07/2020
The Co-founders

We have created Flockeo to federate a global community around sustainable tourism. We aim at connecting travelers and professionals in an inclusive eco-system based on the values of sustainability, protection of the environment, sharing experiences with the local communities, and extending the benefits of tourism to the larger local regions. The protection of the environment is an incredible opportunity for every destination to reinvent its tourism policy and to promote new regions. This is a great space to counter mass tourism and to advocate sustainable development in newly developed areas. Through our map, we provide the Flockeo indicator to the community with an independent, transparent view of the environmental footprint of tourism on a destination.

The Flockeo barometer takes into account 4 key indicators to assess the ecological footprint of tourist destinations :
1 Quality of biodiversity: The International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN) is one of the world’s leading organizations dedicated to the protection and preservation of nature. It regularly publishes a red list on its website to map the animals or plant species at risk around the world.
2 Pressure on water: Satellite data, together with other data sources, can be used to assess water-related risks. The Flockeo barometer accounts for the quantity, quality as well as existence and relevancy of the infrastructures set up to better manage water.
3 Population density: Cities have existed for thousands of years; they are essential for economic and social development. However, a growing town is a shrinking natural habitat. Our goal is to heighten awareness about this dilemma and to help you discover new tourist “green lanes”.
4 Air Quality: The air quality is a key factor for a pleasant stay in any destination. Whether it is the result of natural or manmade activities, air quality may show high variability due to sudden events (e.g. forest fires or industrial hazard)

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