International Institute for Peace through Tourism, Iran Chapter
Content submitted by International Institute for Peace through Tourism – Fabio
Submited Date : 22/05/2019

After many months of preparation, on April 18th was held the First IIPT Iranian Working at the headquarters of the company “Miniature Group” in Tehran. With this meeting Fabio Carbone, lecturer and researcher in Heritage, Tourism and Intercultural Dialogue, IIPT Ambassador-at-Large and Special Envoy for Iran, officially launched the challenge of creating an Iranian Chapter of the International Institute for Peace through Tourism (IIPT).

The meeting was attended by over 50 people came from all over Iran, representatives of different sectors of Iranian tourism industry (public, private, non-governmental and academic). Mostafa Khoshabi (Miniature Group) did the honours, as host who from the very beginning is supporting the project on the field, together with Sassan Ghassemi.

Fabio Carbone, IIPT ambassador at large and special envoy for Iran, had finally his speech. He presented the IIPT in detail and then presented the idea of ​​creating an IIPT Iran Chapter. In particular, with his passionate speech Fabio Carbone highlighted the immediate and long-term benefits of an approach to tourism development in Iran based not only on economic profit, but also and above all on the socio-cultural development and the promotion, through the tourist activity, of the intercultural dialogue for the construction of peace. Industry, academics, representative of the government and civil society joined the meeting. The “Tehran Agreement on the creation of the IIPT Iran Chapter” is the document produced in the end of the working meeting. We can now officially say the Iranian tourism industry got committed to the SDGs, specifically the SDG #16 by embracing the IIPT principles and get engaged with the creation of the IIPT Iran Chapter.