La Route Verte
Content submitted by Swiss Parks Network – Rianne Roshier
Submited Date : 10/12/2020
In the heart of the Jura vaudois Nature Park along La Route Verte

La Route Verte is a 7-day e-bike itinerary that leads tourists from Schaffhausen to Geneva through the Jura Arc's six Regional Nature Parks.

For every stage, a "living landscape" is presented and presents how a landscape (for example the vineyards of the Blauburgunderland in Schaffhause Nature Park) is maintained by local people who work hand in hand with nature (here, the winemaker) to create delicious and sustainable products (the wine). By meeting locally engaged people and by buying the local products, tourists can help support not only the local economy but also the beautiful nature and environment they cycle through.

Apart from wine, La Route Verte also showcases high-stem orchards, the forest as a economic and social ressource, Franches-Montagnes horses, dry-stoned walls, Absinth and alpine pasture cheese. By telling these "behind the scene" stories, La Route Verte creates a special bond between the tourists and the landscapes they learn to love.

In addition to raising awareness for local products and the interrelation of it with maintaining Switzerland's landscapes, La Route Verte also encourages people to go on a healthy active holiday, offers a care-freee holiday with a luggage transfer solution and connects over 100 players (the parks, the tourist offices, hotels and restaurants, ...) all over the Jura Arc.

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