OK:GO Initiative
Content submitted by Accessible Switzerland Association – Julia Vielle
Submited Date : 17/12/2020

Many tourism service providers in Switzerland have offers that are suitable for some senior citizens and people with disabilities. However, there is often little information available to the public. Now, the Accessible Switzerland Association would like to change that with the help of the OK:GO Initiative. Our vision is for all Swiss tourism service providers to make information about the accessibility of their offerings publicly available in a well-structured format.

To implement the scheme, OK:GO relies on input from individual businesses. Companies can gather, manage, and communicate the information themselves using a simple system based on technology provided by ginto, a platform operated by the association AccessibilityGuide. If a business would like to participate in the initiative, the required information can be collected using the ginto app. After that, the company adds the OK:GO logo to its website which links to the information it has provided. The OK:GO logo on the website signals to visitors that they are welcome and that accessibility information is available.

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OK:GO is seeking collaboration with all tourism service providers in Switzerland and wants to encourage them to communicate the accessibility information of their services on their websites.