Red-fronted Macaw Reserve
Content submitted by Asociacion Civil Armonia – Laura Velarde
Submited Date : 21/01/2020

The Red-fronted Macaw Reserve (50 hectares) is the destination for a wildlife and bird watching ecotourism holiday in Bolivia that supports indigenous communities. It is an initiative of Armonía and three communities of Omerque, to protect the largest breeding population of the Bolivian endemic and Critically Endangered Red-fronted Macaw (Ara rubrogenys). Not only does the reserve retain the largest known nesting site of the Red-Fronted Macaw, other endemic species like the Bolivian Blackbird (Oreopsar bolivianus) and Cliff Parakeet (Myiopsitta monachus luchsi) breed here.

The Quechua communities of San Carlos, Perereta and Amaya have become the guardians of the dry Andean wildlife, dedicated to the protection of the Red-fronted Macaw. They are managing de Red-fronted Macaw lodge to improve their community’s quality of life through the nature conservation. The reserve also protects one of the best conserved archaeological sites of the Omereque culture the ancient fortress of Tunas Mok’o.

We seek to increase the number of tourists who come to the reserve, we are interested in expanding our network of international contacts that promote and market responsible tourism