Science and Conservation
Content submitted by Amazon Emotions – Vanessa
Submited Date : 25/11/2020

Amazon Emotions is fully committed to making a significant positive impact on biodiversity conservation in the Amazon. All of our project-related activities are directed from our Brazilian Amazon headquarters in Presidente Figueiredo. In 2019, a RAPELD module for creating a long-term ecological research site is being installed with the support of CENBAM (The Amazonian Biodiversity Studies Centre) and their PPBio (Research Program on Biodiversity) group. This is going to provide a research station for scientists in the rainforest. Our goal is to teach the local communities about the value of their natural resources and to educate the international community and visitors about biodiversity.

All this research helps the region in a number of ways. For example; the knowledge generated is passed on to the guides who work at Amazon Emotions, which in turn will enrich the experience of our guests and enhance our environmental education projects. This endeavour also contributes directly and indirectly, to society in general by providing information about the conservation of this region. This project intends to serve as a model for sustainable conservation and can be replicated throughout the Amazon.