Slow Food Travel
Content submitted by Slow Food – Jean-Marc
Submited Date : 16/02/2021

Behind every place lie stories, gastronomic traditions, artisanal flavors, and time-honored practices, preserved by women and men whose identities and cultures have been constructed over centuries. Every gastronomic tradition can become a unique tourism experience.

Slow Food Travel offers a new model for tourism, made up of meetings and exchanges with farmers, cheesemakers, herders, butchers, bakers, and winegrowers who, along with the chefs who cook their products, will be the narrators of their local areas and unique guides to the local traditions. It proposes tourist itineraries with the aim of bringing travelers closer to the conservation of food biodiversity and to the knowledge of local cultures, identities, and gastronomies.

Slow Food Travel offers territories the opportunity to develop their potential as a quality gastronomic destination, in compliance with the strict guidelines and philosophy of the association, through the construction of alliances and experiences that best enhance the local gastronomic heritage.