Content submitted by Alpinmarketing – Christian
Submited Date : 24/09/2020
Facebook Notes

In the summer of 2020, Lake Achensee in Tirol was a highly sought-after destination not only for tourists from other countries, but also for people who live in Tirol and visit for a day. Where more people wanted to see and to stay at the same beautiful places, hiking up the mountains, lying at the beach of the lake, also more waste was left behind. Alpinmarketing had the idea to address this problem using the SDGs as a guideline. Therefore, we created a marketing campaign together with the destination management organization, targeting visitors to the Achensee holiday region. The aim is to raise awareness for more mindfulness and understanding nature. The campaign is running on Facebook, covering several relevant topics using titles of well-known songs, e.g. "What goes up, must come down" by the band Blood, Sweat and Tears, telling a short story why hikers shouldn’t leave their rubbish behind. The campaign is very successful and will continue with more topics.

Raising awareness for nature is a consistent feature of the work of the Achensee Tourist Board, with the aim of bringing guests closer to the beautiful nature between mountains and the lake and to provide a sustainable holiday experience in a natural environment. If we maintain a respectful coexistence on the mountains, at the lake and in our valleys, ALL of us will be able to enjoy the high-quality Tirolean summer at Lake Achensee in the future. However, it’s not only up to us to observe certain rules – everybody must treat nature with respect.