Tourism Governance and Destination Marketing in Tunisia
Content submitted by Swisscontact – Tourism
Submited Date : 26/03/2021

The project contributes to diversifying and improving the competitiveness of Tunisian tourism by encouraging the development of new approaches to local tourism management and new regional tourism brands.

Tourism accounts for 14% of national GDP and faces many structural and profound challenges. Tunisian tourism urgently needs reforms and measures to improve its positioning and added value in a competitive and increasingly segmented global market. Limited to a few coastal regions and heavily dependent on foreign tourism organizations, the sector is struggling to develop new offerings, while the country has real potential in terms of both product diversification and tourism regions.

Swisscontact uses an inclusive approach involving tour operators, local public and private institutions, providers of ancillary and complementary activities and civil society actors, with particular attention to young people, women and small service providers.

The project also aims at developing marketing techniques for tourism through new marketing approaches and methods, in particular destination marketing with digital and participatory approaches.