Values and Partnerships in Swiss Parks
Content submitted by Swiss Parks Network – Rianne Roshier
Submited Date : 02/03/2021

The Swiss Parks are unique territories that strive to promote a sustainable regional development. In order to integrate sustainability more strongly into local activities and partnerships, the Parks have defined seven core values: preservation and valorisation of nature and landscapes, regional value creation, awareness raising and communication, cooperation, innovation and quality, regional identity and culture, fairness and health.

These values indicate how the Parks understand sustainability and how they implement it. They form the common basis for all Swiss Parks to enter into partnerships with local, regional or national organisations. For each value, the Parks have developed specific criteria, which are discussed and evaluated in coaching conversations with existing and potential partner companies. On the basis of these discussions, an action plan is drawn up with concrete measures that the company takes to make its business activities more sustainable. The values and criteria are thus not only a practical instrument for developing and strengthening a sustainability-oriented regional economy, but also form the basis for sustainable communication and cooperation between the park's stakeholders. The aim of this innovative process is to form a community of regional and national actors that encourage each other, share best practice examples and work together towards a sustainable future.