Atabo David Tourism and Hospitality Education Initiative for Kogi State Youths in Nigeria
Investment in tourism education, with strong attention to teens and young people in indigenous communities, is a significant way to #RethinkingTourism. I am excited to launch my Tourism Education Promotion initiative in my hometown of Anyigba, Kogi State, Nigeria. Through ComeMakeWeGo Africa, I am on a mission to ensure that within the next ten years (by 2032), Igala Kingdom and Kogi state in general produce and outsource the best tourism and hospitality professionals, while also positioning the destination as the best tourism destination in Nigeria. My team in Kogi state delivered dozens of Tourism Education books and the National Tourism Education Curriculum to CMML Secondary School in Anyigba Kogi state on Tuesday, October 4, 2022. The book and curriculum will benefit over 180 senior secondary school students as well as approximately 25 staff members. However, our primary focus is on SS1 students, who still have about two years of secondary school left. This ensures that we have a good time grooming them before they enter their respective universities. To ensure the sustainability of this initiative in the school, we established a Student Tourism Club and agreed to have the Geography teacher serve as the club's internal leader. We had over 32 students sign up to join the club as of the launch day. - I will now refer to them as "the culture custodian." This is just me doing what I believe will work, with what I have, for the people and place I care about. I hope you will do the same.
We made it happen! Ado-Awaye now has electricity!
#RestartTourism When my team(ComeMakeWeGo Africa) and I started marketing Ado-Awaye located in Oyo state Nigeria, as a great hiking destination, a core of our plan was to ensure overnight stay in the destination. - We knew there were challenges to face, but, we also knew the goal. We had gone to meet the managers of the two motels located in the community, our meeting with the managers led to the improvement of their facilities - new bedsheets, curtains, cleaner toilets, to mention a few. We then donated dozens of waste bins which were strategically placed around the destination. - To ensure tourists keep the destination clean. But here was the issue. - No electricity. We made negotiations with the motels to run their generators from 7 pm-12 am whenever we brought a guest. - But, this didn’t make sense in the long run. - tourist gets uneasy after 12am, also, hike in petrol price made it uneconomical for the motels to run. In partnership with the King of the destination (HRM Oba Revd. Ademola Olugbile Folakanmi, Makuledoye 11, Iludero1) we got intentional about dealing with the electricity challenge and so, work began, letters and meetings here and there. - it has all paid off. Thanks to the tourist who have visited Ado-Awaye while it was in darkness, now, there is light, let’s #RestartTourism at Ado-Awaye. Thanks to the Oyo State Governor, Seyi Makinde who understands the value that can be generated from tourism if well harnessed by the state. Thanks to the Paramount Traditional Ruler in Ado-Awaye and Araromi LCDA, HRM Oba Revd. Ademola Olugbile Folakanmi, Makuledoye 11, Iludero1. - We at ComeMakeWeGo Africa believe that any development can only be sustainable when the locals themselves understand and accept it. - And this, of course, has been displayed by the cooperation of the King and the people of Ado-Awaye. Thanks to every tour operator who has brought in hikers into Ado-Awaye,. You also made this happen!
Leave it Better than You Met It : Keep Ado-Awaye Clean
ComeMakeWeGo Africa launches an environmental sustainability initiative with wastebaskets and bins at Ado-Awaye(Oyo State, Nigeria) to boost sustainable tourism. “Leave it better than you met it; Keep Ado-Awaye Clean” Lagos, Nigeria, Feb 13, 2020: -- In the cause to boost sustainable tourism around local communities in Africa, Comemakewego Africa, a leading destination marketing and community-driven sustainable tourism agency in Nigeria initiated an environmental sustainability project in Ado-Awaye, Oyo state, Nigeria. Comemakewego Africa has been the sole promoter of Ado-Awaye; A community in Oyo state known to have the only suspended lake in Africa(1 of the only 2 in the world), and the best hiking landscape in southwest Nigeria. Due to the dynamic strategies used for destination promotion, Comemakewego Africa has been able to get over 5000 hikers to the destination in less than 2 years, and as these numbers keep increasing, the brand believes there is a need to take actions in ensuring the environment is kept safe for both the locals and hikers. The launch event was attended by members of the local community and state government. To mention a few in attendance; Local community: The Royal Father (Alado of Ado-Awaye), the community chairman, elders of the community, youth representatives. State Government: Permanent Secretary Ministry of Information, Culture, and Tourism, Director of Culture, Director of Tourism, SA to the governor on student affairs, etc. While addressing the community leaders and representatives, Atabo David, who is the founder of Comemakewego Africa stated that “It is when the local people understand the benefit of development, that is when the government and private investors would be encouraged to bring further development”. This statement was to charge the community to ensure that every development coming into the community should be guarded jealously and taken care of, and also, the members of the community need to be at peace.
ComeMakeWeGo Ado-Awaye : Getting the community involved in their own development
Getting the community involved in their own development is one of the reasons why I began ComeMakeWeGo Africa. We tell local communities; "Invest in what you have, with what you have, and watch how people would be eager to invest more in you. Flashback to some months ago, when we decided to focus on promoting AdoAwaye - an untapped destination in Nigeria with Africa's only recognized suspended lake, and one of the best hiking spots in Nigeria. We can remember how the community chiefs welcomed me, at first they thought I was bringing plenty of money from the government for them - but instead, we were evangelizing on how they should invest as little as they have to move the place forward before government or other people can show support. They complained about the lack of funds and we usually responded; "what funds do you really need when we have people among you with needed skills, and we can get basic materials from almost everywhere around your village.." Boom! They have understood us! and now, they have started investing In what they have with what they have. Now the people of AdoAwaye are saying; We dream of better Chalets, but now, we have one made of wood. We dream of better staircases, but now, we have one made of wood. We dream of bigger investments, but now, we are investing in ourselves. At ComeMakeWeGo, we believe in Sustainable Development; hence, we have ensured that; 1. All trees cut down to make the wooden stairs were replaced- #SDGs 12,13 & 15 2. We have kept a policy in place to adequately compensate the local laborers involved in the construction. - #SDGs 1, 2, 8.