Walk the Talk
On behalf of the Switzerland State Secretariat for Economic Affairs (SECO), we have developed "Walk the talk“, a new format of knowledge transfer. SECO wants to multiply touristic projects and increase the transfer of know-how from implemented Innotour projects. In the form of inspiring walks and talk sessions in unconventional locations in the „Mattequartier“ of Bern (theatre, cinema and advertising agency), prominent figures from tourism will hold interesting panel discussions on the following topics: „the way to successful cooperation“, „making sustainable use of synergies with agriculture“, „relieving tourist accommodations through new guest data management“ and „product development for tomorrow’s tourism adventures“. Going for a walk in between talks provides the perfect opportunity to reflect on podium inputs, to exchange personal experiences, and to bring up concerns and ques5ons. With the chosen format, gutundgut has been able to create an inspiring environment where a friendly atmosphere between panelists and participating professionals is created and thus a lot of prac5cal knowledge is conveyed. The events are organized and moderated from A to Z by gutundgut gmbh on behalf of SECO.
Ksar Ghilane
For many years the oasis Ksar Ghilane was known for its very high quality of dates. Today the oasis is threatened by the increasing day tourism. This has a negative effect on the ecosystem and generates little added value. At the beginning of January 2019, Rafael Enzler and Christian Müller from gutundgut worked together with André Gribi from the Hotel & Gastro Consulting GmbH to develop the first foundations for sustainable tourism development. Workshops were held with local authorities, service providers as well as residents. A sustainable concept for water quality, electricity, transport, and waste management was developed and should provide the necessary basis to improve local tourism.
Vajra Eco Resort Nepal
The Vajra Eco Resort is a breeding ground for sustainable entrepreneurship. Nepal is not only in need of educated young people but also of those who are interested in creating new jobs as entrepreneurs. With this in mind, the project of building a sustainable hotel complex was initiated. Apprentices from all sectors have the opportunity to complete an internship and gain work experience, hopefully with the aim of one day establishing their own business. The hotel complex is a socially responsible corporation as a part of the profit is donated to social projects. A solar kitchen, biogas recycling facility, an own dairy factory and a small hydroelectric power station for electricity make the complex self-sufficient. Even vegetables are grown in the hotel’s own organic garden. The doctor’s office also offers their services and information to the local population. This comprehensive sustainable approach of the Vajra Eco Resort can be seen as a pioneer.
Tourism development South Albania
gutundgut was asked by the German Society for International Cooperation to analyze the tourism potential and create a tourism strategy for the southern Albanian cities Vlora, Himara, and Konispol. This strategy for sustainable tourism in the southern coastal region is currently being developed in close collaboration with the local people and workers. First, it was important to become familiar with the region. By traveling through the country Christian Müller and Rafael Enzler from gutundgut became acquainted with the present state of the region and got to know the local people as well as their culture. Existing infrastructure, tourism offers, communication channels, cooperation between the various providers and expectations were examined and analyzed. In a basic concept, findings and potentials were combined – for prospective key experiences which are rooted directly in the region. And with the involvement of the local people and circumstances boosting tourism in a sustainable way.
Green Marathon ZĂźrich
Since 21 May 2017, the 42 km long route of the „Green Marathon Zurich“ connects the most picturesque urban oases throughout the city. The running course leads from the city center to the lake, passing by meadows and nearby forests. It is ideal for stage races, hikes and walks as well as a training area. The route offers stunning views over the city and the lake. The course can be used year-round. The stages can be chosen freely and are easily accessible all over the city by public transport or are within walking distance. For orientation purposes route field, km indication and information panels are fixed on the existing hiking and urban network.
Mountain Lab Adelboden
On behalf of TALK AG, gutundgut integrated a coworking space in Adelboden and the Tourist Center under the roof of the Mountain Lab Adelboden. The Tourist Center in Adelboden has become an innovative open space where the staff of the Tourist Center and the ski school share space with independent entrepreneurs, digital nomads, and local talent. From the beginning of the project, it was important to involve the local population. Besides the co-working space, the Mountain Lab offers external meeting rooms in various locations. In co-operation with hotels and vacation homeowners, a coliving offer was developed. Together these three offers form an attractive opportunity to combine work with leisure time and support Adelboden in its positioning as an innovative place of tourism and work.