Theme: Blue economy
Posted Date : 9th November, 2023
Red Rocks Initiative for Sustainable Development is a non-profit organization based in Musanze, Rwanda, dedicated to fostering positive change and sustainable development within local communities. We are seeking donors, sponsors, and grants to enhance our facilities and expand our impactful programs, including Balister coffee skills training, bakery skills and sugarcane juice making, culinary art programs […]
Posted Date : 23rd December, 2022
David McGowan, Ravenswood Media, and Greg Bakunzi- Red Rocks Initiative, have partnered together to build a media training center in Musanze, Rwanda at the foot of the Volcanoes National Park. McGowan, an Academy Award nominated filmmaker, coming together with the team at Red Rocks to provides basic filmmaking training. The course is free and the […]
Posted Date : 5th July, 2022
Nkotsi village has a rich history, it is a cultural melting pot and has a vibrant social scene. These factors make Musanze one of Rwanda biggest and oldest townships, a tourist hot spot. When one considers the diverse activities, tours and culinary delights available in the area, a day out in Musanze is bound to […]
Posted Date : 22nd March, 2021
River Mukungwa Adventures- The source of River Mukungwa located in the Northern Province is where the foot adventures begin near the Volcanoes National Park and a true definition of co-existence showing how the people from the nearby areas and nature live in peace and harmony. The calmly surrounding region provides you with a chance to […]
Posted Date : 28th June, 2018
My name is Geovanny Rivadeneira and this is my story… I am the representative and coordinator of the tourism operation at the Napo Wildlife Center. We began organizing our community in the seventies. Before, we lived all over the place. To create a community, well, you need a source of livelihood. In 1998 – with […]
Posted Date : 28th June, 2018
My name is David Ahadzie and this is my story….I was born at Feyito – a village that is about 14km from Ada Foah in Ghana. When I was young my dream was to become a pilot but as I grew up, that dream faded and I instead wanted to be an entrepreneur. The entrepreneurial […]