SDG: SDG 11 Sustainable Cities & Communities
Posted Date : 16th January, 2019
SUSTAINABILITY ACTIONS SOCIAL MAINTENANCE BANK HOURS Through a local social organization (El Risell), the donation of 2 hours of maintenance work for residents of the neighborhood with few resources is managed. In this way those people generally of old age have access to a person in their house of confidence that can carry out the small […]
Posted Date : 15th November, 2018
The study program “Sustainable Tourism and International Development”, which is embedded in the Bachelor’s degree in Tourism at the University of Applied Sciences HTW Chur, Switzerland, was launched in 2017, simultaneously with the International Year of Sustainable Tourism (IY2017) of the United Nations. The combination of tourism, sustainability and development cooperation in a study program […]
Posted Date : 15th November, 2018
Venezia Autentica is an impact-driven startup leveraging digital media & tech as well as cultural tourism to increase the retention of tourism revenue in urban destinations while improving visitors’ experience. We do so to halt the impoverishment and displacement of the local residents and consequently preserve unique cultures, heritages, and ways of life. We are […]
Posted Date : 5th November, 2018
Tourism is a key industry in the Spanish economy. Spain was in the World top three ranking by international tourist arrivals and by income in 2015. The development of the tourism industry is essential to maintain the established economic system. However, if the environmental requirements were not taken into account, the country would face a […]
Posted Date : 16th October, 2018
The National Dance Award with History, is an initiative imagined by the Society of Historical, Archaeological and Geographical Studies of Chile, in conjunction with the directors of the Oriental Dance Academy Najmah All Sahara. With the main objective of stimulating creation in the field of historical research and geographical – historical analysis of oriental dance […]
Posted Date : 15th October, 2018
The UNWTO report on Tourism and Culture Synergies highlights the symbiotic relationship between tourism and culture and the interdependency of the two sectors. The report, undertaken through a survey of UNWTO member states and expert opinion, affirms that cultural tourism plays a major role in global tourism today. It also reveals that the sub-sector, in keeping with […]
Posted Date : 15th October, 2018
HI USA, a national non-profit organization that operates 33 hostels across the United States of America, offers carefully-designed immersive environments that promote interaction and understanding among people of diverse backgrounds. Its targeted experiential learning programmes foster cultural competence and challenge the traditional tourism experience – one characterized by spectatorship and consumption as opposed to engagement […]
Posted Date : 10th October, 2018
As Slovenia’s capital city, Ljubljana, prepared to assume the title of European Green Capital 2016, a study among local hoteliers and restaurants revealed that two main obstacles prevented them from purchasing locally produced goods – price and complexity. In order to resolve these issues, the Green Supply Chains project was launched in 2015. It aims […]
Posted Date : 19th September, 2018
The management of tourism flows in cities to the benefit of visitors and residents alike is a fundamental issue for the tourism sector. It is critical to understand residents’ attitude towards tourism to ensure the development of successful sustainable tourism strategies. This report analyzes the perception of residents towards tourism in eight European cities – […]
Posted Date : 18th September, 2018
Better Places is certified by Travelife since January 2017. Travelife for Tour Operators is a management, training and certification scheme and they aim to support tour operators in implementing sustainability practices in their operations by advising them on the latest trends and developments. The Travelife standard has been acknowledged as the first standard for tour […]