Theme: Poverty Eradication
Posted Date : 9th September, 2019
En el marco de la Semana Mundial de Acción por los Objetivos de Desarrollo Sostenible y en el Primer Festival de Acción por los ODS Costa Rica 2019, estaremos celebrando el Día Mundial del Turismo, con la charla Turismo y empleo: un futuro mejor para todos. Esta actividad totalmente gratuita se realizará a las 9:00 […]
Posted Date : 30th August, 2019
.The story of this Kaba. For a cultural festival I needed traditional outfits. I could have taken some at home but the travel instructions came down the day before and were “travel light” Result i just take 1 that I wear before the big ceremony. The day before the official ceremony, I went to the […]
Posted Date : 26th August, 2019
Getting the community involved in their own development is one of the reasons why I began ComeMakeWeGo Africa. We tell local communities; “Invest in what you have, with what you have, and watch how people would be eager to invest more in you. Flashback to some months ago, when we decided to focus on promoting […]
Posted Date : 23rd August, 2019
The Sociology of Leisure and Tourism course at the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) will help undergraduate students to understand tourism from a sociological perspective. Students will analyze and study topics such as: -Sociological perspectives on environmental sustainability in tourism -Sociological perspectives on cultural sustainability in tourism -Tourism and the Sustainable Development Goals -The […]
Posted Date : 18th July, 2019
The person-centered “Challenged Expedition” is a social/humanitarian values and impact creation driven event. It is a purposeful educational, leisure, recreation, outdoor, sightseeing, excursion, social, intercultural, diversity management, entertainment, sports, active and healthy living and lifestyles field trip/tour. The person-centered “Challenged Expedition” is organized and hosted annually by the Ghana based Social Enterprise, Kra Integrated Solutions […]
Posted Date : 16th July, 2019
A project of teaching innovation in the university, Instituto Superior de Arquitectura y Diseño de Chihuahua ISAD (Higher Institute of Architecture and Design of Chihuahua). Through the creation of a new subject that makes the future architect’s laboral perspectives bigger by the union of tourism, heritage, and architecture. Looking at the national social and political […]
Posted Date : 2nd July, 2019
Overall Objective The overall objective is to create a sustainable and responsible tourism sector in Kyrgyzstan that contributes to economic development and job creation, as well as to the preservation of natural and cultural heritage.
Posted Date : 2nd July, 2019
Overall Objective The overall objective of the project is to contribute to Egypt’s economy by increasing skills training, employment and entrepreneurship opportunities in the tourism sector for young people including potential returnees/migrants. The project underscores the need to tackle the root causes of irregular migration through more and better job opportunities and income prospects for […]
Posted Date : 2nd July, 2019
Overall Objective  The overall objective of the project is to strengthen the capacity of local entrepreneurs and communities in the Usambara Mountains to further enhance and diversify community-based sustainable tourism initiatives in the area with a view to enhancing tourism’s contribution to local economic development and the conservation of natural and cultural heritage.
Posted Date : 2nd July, 2019
Overall Objective  The overall objective is to contribute to sustainable, scalable, pro-poor economic growth in six developing countries in Sub-Saharan Africa through the development and implementation of an integrated, market-driven tourism TVET system targeting the informal economy.