SDG 17 – Partnerships For The Goals

Due to its cross-sectoral nature, tourism has the ability to strengthen private/public partnerships and engage multiple stakeholders – international, national, regional and local – to work together to achieve the SDGs and other common goals. Public policy and innovative financing are at the core for achieving the 2030 Agenda.

The World Tourism Organization (UNWTO), supported by a wide range of donors and in partnership with other international organizations, civil society, and the private sector, has been providing technical assistance in countries across the globe for more than 40 years. UNWTO’s knowledge and expertise in developing sustainable, responsible, and accessible tourism contributes to a better world.

UNWTO 2030 Tourism Roadmap for Inclusive Growth shall provide a new opportunity for partnerships for development – SDG 17. The projects proposals (to be found on the T4SDGs map) reflect UNWTO Member States needs to build a more resilient, sustainable and innovative tourism sector that generates jobs and promotes inclusive, low-carbon growth in line with all three dimensions of sustainable development: people, the planet and prosperity.

Investing in people, boosting infrastructure development, shaping better policies and institutions, building resilience, stimulating entrepreneurship, fostering innovation and digitalization, and making sustainable use of rich biodiversity and culture should be at the core of our efforts to unlock the potential of tourism growth while mitigating migration and preserving each destination’s natural and cultural assets.

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